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Knowledge Center Bot is an on-boarding assistant that guides users in learning your product. The Bot contains links to engagements and external URLs in order to effectively onboard new users as well as educate existing users. The goal of knowledge center bot is to allow users to see the list of all engagements in one place for quick and easy reference. This improves your customer satisfaction by increasing accessibility to in-app experiences.

Login to Gainsight PX and Page Navigation

  1. Login to Gainsight PX with your personal credentials. Gainsight PX Dashboard is displayed.
  2. Click the Knowledge Center Bot icon on the left pane.

Clicking Knowledge Center Bot navigates you to the Content page where you can create your knowledge center bot.

Make sure that In-App engagements are already built using Triggered By > Widget or Automatic & Widget, before you create a New widget.
  1. If engagements are created and linked to knowledge center bot, Content page displays as below.
A list of all engagements is displayed in the content page, regardless of the engagement status whether it is Active, Deactive, Paused, Editing, etc.
  1. Select the Add checkbox(es) of the required engagement to start building a widget.
If multiple In-App engagements are added, these can be reordered by simply dragging and dropping as required.
  1. Click Editor. This displays the following page with various options:
  • In the Settings tab, format the Header background and Content color and background for your knowledge center bot, as required.
  • In the Bot Settings tab, select the text color or background color for the Bot badge and Close badge. The Bot is the icon that appears in the customer’s application and provides users with access to the Knowledge Center Bot. You have multiple options available from which you can select the desired Bot icon.
  1. To add customised bot icon, select the Use Image URL checkbox and enter the image URL. Click OK.
  1. Enter text in the Speech Bubble field to help end-users understand the widget’s purpose and format the text color or background color, as required.
  2. Click Save.
  3. Click Launch as shown below.

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