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Testing your Engagements

How to safely build and test your Aptrinsic engagements without using a QA or Development environment

Updated 5 months ago by Angelo Matheou

Engagement Scheduler

Engagement Scheduler. Every engagement has a scheduling step that helps you defined when and how often an engagement should be evaluated and triggered. In-app scheduling is a little different than Em…

Updated 1 month ago by Michael Alon

Audience Selection (Engagements)

Audience selection can be applied all over the Aptrinsic platform, from our powerful reporting (i.e. cohort / retention, feature adoption, funnels) and down to the real-time user engagement launching (i.e. dialogs, sliders, surveys, etc).

Updated 2 months ago by Angelo Matheou

Using Videos For User Onboarding

Using videos is an effective way to onboard users as part a signup process or when onboarding them to your latest release. Here is a step by step guide to embedding videos into your in-app experience…

Updated 6 months ago by Michael Alon

Create On-boarding Engagements

What is an Engagement? Engagements can by thought of as orchestrations that need to be executed against a specific audience of users. You can do several different types of engagements across multi...

Updated 2 months ago by Angelo Matheou

Using Templates

Templates are pre-formatted layouts that help you create engagements in a specific format. Templates save you time on the initial setup and configuration of your engagement layouts. Gainsight PX prov…

Updated 1 week ago by Michael Alon

Knowledge Center Bot

Overview. Knowledge Center Bot is an on-boarding assistant that guides users in learning your product. The Bot contains links to engagements and external URLs in order to effectively onboard new user…

Updated 6 days ago by Neelam