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SOC-2 Type II Compliant

Independently audited by Kirkpatrick Price on three Trusted Service Principles: Security, Confidentiality and Availability. GDPR Compliant. Committed to continually monitoring the guidance around GDP…

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Role-Based Access Control

Role-Based Access Control. This article explains how role-based access control provides fine-grained access to relevant functionality that allows your team to safely work on designated areas of respo…

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Usage Tracking and Personally identifiable information (PII)

The only identifying information that Gainsigth PX requires is a unique user ID for the tracked users and unique account ID in case you want to track the associated accounts. Any other user and accou…

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Exclude and Mask Tracked Data

Gainsight PX tracks links and page-views automatically. if your app is using GET calls and passes tokens as part of the URL Gainsight PX can be set to exclude or mask the parameters without losing th…

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Identity HMAC Verification (SHA256)

Enabling identity verification means Gainsight PX will use HMAC id so we can have a secured way to validate that a logged in user doesn't try to impersonate as another user - this feature should be s…

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Proxy Tracking Communication

Enabling PX tracking via a branded secured proxy host is supported. NGINX Configuration. This example uses a local nginx server (please add SSL on production deployments) # merged nginx.conf default.…

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