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How do I check if the Aptrinsic Tag has been installed

Not sure if the Aptrinsic Tag Install & Identify Code is installed / working from your application?  Here are a couple ways to confirm.

1) Open your Developer Tools on your browser, navigate to your web application (or website) in question and enter “aptrinsic.init” in your Console Tab:

Aptrinsic Javascript SDK was  successfully initialized on the pageAptrinsic Javascript SDK was NOT  successfully initialized on the page

Here is a video showing the correct result:

2) Open your Developer Tools on your browser, navigate to your web application (or website) in question. You should see both of the apt.side and apt.uid cookies in the Application tab, per the below screenshot

How do I check if the correct Aptrinsic Tag / Product Key was installed?

Open your Developer Tools on your browser and go to the Network tab. Navigate to your application (or website) in question and look for the network request that starts with "command?v=AP...".  

Click on that request and look at the "p" value from the Query String Parameters.  This Product Key (screenshot #1 below) should match the key that is in your account settings for that product (screenshot #2 below)

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2

I have mapped a feature but it does not seem to be firing?

When you use the Aptrinsic Product Mapper to map your features with your product, the Product Mapper tries to identify the element (i.e. button, radio button, checkbox, etc.) based on the css class that defines it.

If your web application is using similar class names for the elements, it is highly recommended that you request your developer team to add a unique class id to any element that you'd like to map to a feature in Aptrinsic.  That way you can be sure that the element will fire the proper feature in Aptrinsic.

It may help if you take a screenshot(s) of your app and add arrows with id's to any element you'd like and ask your developer to add the respective class id's. 

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