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Track your Users and Accounts

If you have already completed the initial setup steps outlined in our guides here , then your web application is now sending real time events (i.e. page view, sessions, clicks) to Aptrinsic along w...

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Gainsight PX Data Loader

Utility script to update Gainsight PX user and account data using the Gainsight PX REST API. Requires active Gainsight PX subscription and Gainsight PX API key (see below for details). An input file …

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Using Custom Event API

Custom Events. Gainsight PX Web SDK supports the ability to send custom events. You include a name for the custom event as well as properties/values for that event. The types supported are: string nu…

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Security Tracking Filters

Gainsight PX supports custom tracking filters to allow you to exclude or mask some of the tracked data on specific urls, url patterns and query parameters (this applied also to Form Submitted data an…

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Using The Page View API

Aptrinsic tracks page views automatically including when installed in SPA applications. Page View API allows for programmatically tracking virtual web pages for dynamic content or in applications tha…

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Seeding (Loading) Gainsight PX with Users/Accounts

There may be cases where you'd like to load up your Gainsight PX subscription with an initial set of users & accounts. For instance, if you plan to send out email to users that may not have logged in…

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Using Global Context API

Global Context. Gainsight PX Web SDK supports the ability to set a "Global Context" for all user events captured by the Gainsight PX tracking tag. Setting the "context" will automatically attach/assi…

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Troubleshooting FAQ

List of frequently asked questions (FAQ) such as: - How do I check if the Aptrinsic Tag has been installed? - Why isn't my feature firing?

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User & Account Model

Below is a list of all default attributes available at the User and Account levels. This same list is available to you when navigating to the Account Settings->Attributes page. Use the Attribute Na...

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Working with the Aptrinsic REST API

Welcome to the Aptrinsic API reference guide! The Aptrinsic API provides you with a programmatic way to access the users, accounts and events that have been captured on your Aptrinsic subscription...

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Working with the Aptrinsic Web SDK

Welcome to the Aptrinsic Web SDK reference guide! The Aptrinsic Javascript API is capable of performing all of the below functionality...

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