Exclude Specific Users from Tracking

Updated 2 weeks ago by Kiran Devathi

What if I don’t want to track certain users in PX?

There are multiple ways to do this:

  1. Use Filter: You could let this data flow into PX and use filters to filter out user with @xxxx.com/ other conditions. This way PX still tracks few of you who may be in the system testing stuff around with engagements, etc.
  2. Blacklisting (recommended): This is a UI option (enable/disable) which filters out blacklisted users universally across the platform. This is a new feature which is scheduled to be released very soon in June.
  3. Modify the "Identify Code" to completely drop off these users from coming into PX. The developer on your team would know this. However, I am sharing an example below for your reference. Please bear in mind that none of MomentFeed users will be tracked at all in PX even if you were testing things around. So, if you plan to go with this approach, you might want to have your developer modify the code in a way which drops off all MomentFeed users excepting few of you who might be using the platform.

Please refer the text if*(user email= ....) in the code snippet below, which is a change to our standard code.

//passing user and account objects:
if*(user email= ....)
//User Fields
"id": "unique-user-id", // Required for logged in app users
"email": "userEmail@address.com",
"firstName": "John",
"lastName": "Smith",
"signUpDate": 1522697426479, //unix time in ms
"plan" : "gold", //Custom attributes - please create those custom attributes in Aptrinsic via Account Settings to be tracked.
"price" : 95.5,
"userHash": "" // optional transient for HMAC identification
//Account Fields
"id":"IBM", //Required
"name":"International Business Machine",
"Program": "Platinum" // flat custom attributes

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