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Retention Analytics

Overview. Discover which features drive retention and growth, including the window of time you have to guide users to realize value of your product. Know how well your product retains its users by es…

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Path Analyzer

Overview. Every user is on their own path to learning and adopting your product. Path analysis helps you visualize user activity and surface unexpected behaviors. Answering questions like “How did th…

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Overview. You’ve got goals, we’ll help you track them. Track each step and identify where users fall off from completing critical tasks within your product. Whether it’s completing an order, building…

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Adoption Analysis

Overview. You built it. Did they come? More importantly, did it influence revenue? With Feature Adoption Analysis, you can discover the features that impact revenue and customer lifetime value. Spot …

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Query Builder

Overview. Query builder is designed to answer the tough product questions. Get the flexibility you need to create custom analytics without having to learn another query language. Compare usage across…

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Analyze Production Usage Data

Currently the tracking SDK automatically tracks every user event but over time usage tracking goes beyond ui user interaction. Products very often build and expose. APIs and integration modules. Trac…

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